Noah’s Ark Tunnel

Noah’s Ark Tunnel in Dover is a passageway through the hill on a downward slope towards Union Road.  Its precise date of construction and purpose is not clear, although early plans suggest it could have been used as a water main. It was certainly in place by the advent of the Second World War, during which time it was converted into an air raid shelter.  It was concrete lined at this time and the evidence of toilets can still be found throughout the length of the tunnel, along with a kitchen area and blast walls at regular intervals.

The tunnel is approximately 335 metres (1105 feet) long, 2 metres (6 feet) high and 1.5 metres (almost 5 feet) wide. The kitchen area is wider than this. There is a great deal of wartime graffiti in the tunnel, including names and dates as well as drawings of aeroplanes, ships and submarines.