Centre Bastion Battery

The construction of the Centre Bastion Battery began in 1825 to fill in the gaps between the old indented lines and the new ¬†indented lines. The Bastion was first equipped with an extensive range of 64 pdr SB guns then later two 10″ mark 111 RML’s were installed.

In 1899 a three PDR QF practice battery was placed between the two ten-inch batteries. In 1901 a new battery of 4.7″ QF guns was constructed centrally between the 10″ emplacements. There were no guns placed on the battery during World War Two as their role was replaced by twin 6 PDR guns at Garrison Point.
The square tower was provided with a false-pitched roof and fake windows to camouflage it to look like a domestic building.

Location: Sheerness, Isle of Sheppey
Condition: Poor
Date Of Visit: 2/06/04

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