Yaverland Battery

Constructed in the early 1860s, Yaverland Battery is situated close to Sandown on the south of the Isle of Wight.  It was originally armed with 8 x 7” RML guns and there is ample magazine provision at the battery. The entire battery was enclosed by a looped Carnot wall, and two caponiers projected into the ditch.  To the rear of the battery were the barracks, which could garrison up to 59 men (including officers). At each end of the barracks were two more caponiers.

Yaverland battery was designed as a coastal defence battery, providing support to nearby Sandown Fort. Some of the guns were removed and replaced with searchlights as the role of the battery changed. During the Second World War Yaverland was reinstated as a battery with the installation of two 6-inch Mark VII guns. These remained in place until the end of the war. Later guns were added as coastal artillery practice, but in 1956, with the disbanding of Coastal Artillery, all the guns were removed and Yaverland Battery was sold to a private buyer.

The barracks have been demolished, but parts of the Carnot wall still survive, and the two caponiers are still visible.  Yaverland Battery is now part of a holiday home site, but recent excavation work by the owners has uncovered some excellent features, including some superbly preserved magazines and shell hoists.

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Location: Isle of Wight
Condition: Good
Date Of Visit: 07/06/09