Minster Royal Observer Corps Monitoring Post

Minster was a master post, with satellite posts at Barham, Kingsdown and Herne. As such it had a VHF set to communicate with Group Control at Maidstone, and other master posts in the area – Folkestone, Hoo and Pluckley. Minster was also equipped to take meteorological measurements, such as air pressure, wind speed and temperature. The large metal dome on top of the ventilator was often called the “top hat”, and it contained electrical connections for the aerial and an outlet for the air pipe which was used to erect the telescopic mast.

The storeroom was where the chemical toilet was kept, and the generator for the post was kept on a shelf over the toilet. Most posts kept their 1950s generators right up until they were closed down.

The entrance shaft also housed the mast and aerial dipole, and this could make getting in and out of the post rather tricky.

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