Fort Brockhurst

The Construction of Fort Brockhurst began in 1858; it was designed as one of five forts built to defend the western approaches to Portsmouth harbour. Entrance across the moat leads through to a circular keep, then through to the parade ground. In this area it is clear to see the polygonal shape of the fort; the large parade ground has two earth ramps via which the terreplein can be accessed. The main magazines, officer accommodation and casemated barracks are around the entire parade ground. In 1893 Fort Brockhurst was armed with 25 guns; 9 x 64 pdrs and 16 x 7 inch RBLs.

Fort Brockhurst was the headquarters for many different regiments from 1900 onwards and acted as a demobilisation centre at the end of the First World War. It remained in use by the army until 1957, after which it was sold. English Heritage acquired the fort in 1984 where it acts as a museum, training centre and storage space.

Location: Portsmouth
Condition: Good
Date Of Visit: 06/09/08

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