Wanstone Battery

Wanstone farm battery consisted of four magazines and two 15″ ex-naval guns called Jane and Clem. Jane was named after the young lady in the strip cartoon in the Daily Mirror, and Clem was probably named after Winston Churchill’s wife, Clementine.

Along with the guns were two twin magazines to supply Clem and Jane; ammunition was passed to the guns via a self propelled trolley along purpose built concrete paths. This greatly increased the speed at which shells could reach the guns, and in turn, increased the firing rate of Clem and Jane to one round a minute. A deep shelter is nearby, but access to this is now impossible as the entrance has been demolished. Also, a plotting room, which is still accessible, power rooms, observation posts, workshops, NAAFI, guard room, AA Battery, officers mess and living quarters are all part of the complex. The building that was used during the war as a sergeant’s mess is in fact the farmhouse and has reverted to that use.

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